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I get under your skin....

I get under your skin. I can tell from your breathing. The way you look at me. It is as if you want to choke me and kiss me at the same time. What vexs you about me? Is it because I am a woman? Does what I have between my legs bother you so? Or does your dick get hard from me just mentioning it? You can't stop talking about me. You think I don't know, but I do. Perhaps I love the pain of my ears burning from the gossip you continue. You talk about me just as bad as a preacher talks about the devil. Is that it little boy...I am the devil? How exciting. Maybe I am the devil. You think about late at night. I can feel you wishing I was there, under the bed like a monster waiting for you to close your eyes. Don't hang your leg off the bed, I might pull you under. You can say what you want. You can say I am too quiet. That my technique is too slow for you. But I say you fear me. You fear what I can do, and you fear the power I already have without even touching you. Thats fine. I prefer you scared. But know you brought this on yourself. Did you wish for me? A demon of a woman to put your nightmares in motion? Isn't that lovely to think about? You can pretend to be this Dom all you want. You and I both know what you need. We both know what darkness lives inside you. No need to speak or acknowledge it. I can smell submissive on you like a strong cologne. When you're done running your mouth and the time is right. Know I won't hesitate to shove my dick in your month and make you suck it like the good little bitch you are. You continue with your life and when you are ready...I'll be waiting.

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