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Fun girls’ day out: Is there anything better than being around great people who know how to have a good time? We are waiting outside the theater, just killing time before the movie starts. I’m standing idly chitchatting when suddenly I feel an arm cross over me and pull me back. I feel like I am about to fall, but there’s no empty space to drop into. I only feel the strong wall of him support me from behind.
And within seconds any previous thought about the movie we were about to see or the shock of being handled this way in public, in front of my closest friends, disappear and I drop into my special space. I can feel my mouth upturn into a lazy smile. I’m overwhelmed by the waves of sensuality moving between us, and I close my eyes to hide my dreamy look of arousal.
I rest my head back on him. I wasn’t expecting him. I wonder how he knew where I was. I open one eye to look at my best friend and likely his source of information. He chuckles
“Hi, ladies. When does the movie start? I’ll have her back by then.”
I register his words. I’m startled by my own embarrassment, but he’s already walking quickly, dragging me by my hand. In the direction of the parking lot.
I try to stutter out words as we reach his car parked at the end of the lot. Before I can refuse, he opens the door and shoves me into the back.
I scoot back to make room for him and without a moment’s hesitation he makes room for himself between my legs pushing me further in. The car door is not smooth, its protrusions are pressing hard into my back. My discomfort only increases as he squeezes my neck. He pulls my head closer to him, obstructing more of my breath. He whispers in my ear how much he needs his good girl. That he couldn’t concentrate all day. Thoughts of his cumslut were distracting him from his work. He can’t wait a moment longer to use his little fucktoy.
He pushes up my skirt and pushes my panties to the side. His fingers waste not time invading my wet and sticky cunt. I realize no more than 5 minutes have past since he interrupted my day, and I’m so ready for him.
He doesn’t give me a chance to think anymore. He’s already unzipped, and I can feel his cock heavy on my lips. He says he’s sorry and that he needs this. He thrusts into me quick and deep. It burns. It hurts. I’m too full. But it feels good, too.
My pussy tenses around his cock, but the rest of my body relaxes in his grip. With his next thrust, any residual resistance, all reservations evaporate out of me. I’m lost. All I can do is grab onto his shirt letting him know how much I need him.
The next few minutes pass in semi-consciousness as his primal self takes what's his with intense aggression and total single-mindedness. As he fucks my soft, pliant body, every in and out motion feels as good as breathing after being drowned. How was I going through my day without this? How did I ever think I was ever full and satisfied? Nothing compares to being here, pinned to his backseat, being fucked senseless by this wonderful man.
I can feel the heat and tension build, and I’m no longer sedated and lulled by pleasure. The rawness emanating from him is transferring to me, and I match him stroke for stroke. Our hips slam together with a little too much force. He tells me I have to come now because he needs to come. I shake my head. I don’t want to. I don’t want this to end. But he pulls me in deeper, puts his fingers on my clit, begins to rub ferociously. He’s hurting me. It’s too intense, but I love it. I don’t want to come, but I make the mistake of looking into his eyes, and I can see the command there. I know my body will obey.
His pace quickens. I vaguely can tell we must be rocking the car. I can’t believe I’m doing this in public. He’s reducing me to this level of indecency. Using me wherever and however he wants. The thought tips me over the edge, and I find bliss as my cunt convulses violently around his cock. He growls and takes a fistful of my hair with his sticky hands. And he fucks and fucks and fucks me. I can barely see his hard, resolute face from the tears in my eyes. He’s fucking me so hard it’s as if he wants to make me bleed. My world is bleary. My mind is hazy yet I know I must look like a mess. My melting mascara is burning my eyes.
He starts to moan incoherently. I know he’s close so I wrap my legs around him. I want him closer. I want this to last. I want his pants off, our shirts off. I wish I could feel more of his skin. But he’s going to come soon and these few seconds of anticipating his hot, creamy load filling me are so sweet, Christmas morning sweet.
I want to wrap my arms around him, but he has them pinned down. His thrusts slow and deepen as he makes the most glorious growls. Eventually, he stops and quiets down.
For a moment, I’m only aware of our heavy breathing and the rhythmic motions of our chest. I slowly come back to the rest of my body, his cock still in me, his arms wrapped around me, my hands at his ass, my bare right foot. My shoe must’ve fallen off.
Our eyes lock. I can’t help but smile a big toothy grin. He doesn’t return it instead he pulls out. Before I can sit up, he orders me to keep still. He lifts my skirt up. Despite what we’ve just done, it makes me feel exposed so I reflexively try to close my legs. He takes hold of my calves and pushes my thighs apart.
His eyes are on my well-used, messy pussy. I know what he wants me to do, and it gives me a tantalizing tingle. I push down on my vaginal muscles. I can feel his cum start to seep out of me. I feel so dirty, so fucking slutty. He goes down and starts to lick it up. I’m too sensitive but can’t do anything but resist squirming. I have to keep still. He comes up. Again I know what to do. I open my mouth as he starts to drool a mixture of his spit, cum and my juices into my mouth. It’s absolutely my fucking favorite. I swallow, and I’ve earned his deep kisses.
His hands creeps back down. I think to collect more of his cum but instead he pinches my clit hard. I yelp and now he laughs.
“My good girl. Let’s fix you up.”
He straightens my panties and smooths down my skirt. I awkwardly move about as he finds my shoe. I need a mirror to fix my face and hair, but it doesn’t take long to look presentable. Kind of.
We walk back to the theater hand in hand. There’s a nice breeze rustling the leaves. I can feel it start to dry the sticky wetness on my thighs. He’s trying to tell me about his dog, trying to make me laugh, trying to get me back to normal. I must still have a dreamy look on my face, and I can’t string a sentence together.
We reach the entrance. My friends are already inside. The movie has probably started. He gives me a chaste peck on the cheek. I’ll see him later tonight. I wonder what’s the point of paying to watch a movie when I’ll just be reliving the last 10 minutes the entire time.